Saturday, April 5, 2008

Life's Little Catastrophies

The Ol' Codger ain't been none too pleasant to be 'round lately. Just before leaving on a trip to see Cowgirl Betty, me and the Heifer get the call that my Ma, Betty's Gramma had a fall. Turns out she broke her hip and had to go see the doc for some fixin'. Well, it was a long and stressful ordeal. I been as tight as a piano wire tuned to high "C". Ma is gettin' better though. She now wants me to fix her every desire and spend every spare minute with her. Accordin' to Ma, them girls that takes care of her are just kinda mean. She's talkin' 'bout them CNA's. I think that stands for Cranky Nasty Antropods. Anyhow, she don't like the home, don't like the food, an wants me to fix it all some how......She's back!

Heifer went on to meet up with the girl while I stayed behind to tend to medical matters, surgeon consultations and so forth. So, on top of everything else, I didn't get to see Betty & Hun.
They're a great pair and I sorely miss the chance to chew the fat with them.

Don't mind me. I'm just sufferin' a little post-traumatic, hip replacement, over-demanding mama syndrome. (PTHRODMS - pronounce THROD-ums).

Hang loose,

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