Saturday, June 7, 2008

Life and Death

Well, it has been more stressful than I expected since my last post. To make a long story short, my mother died on May 7th. She had been through some ups and downs and it seems to me that she just finally gave up. At the age of 96, I suppose she had the right. Cowgirl Betty managed to come visit before Mom died, and that was great for both Mom and ol' Tex. The ol' Heifer was there for me and Mom.. She really let me shed some of the stress of Mom's last days. That wasn't easy for her, but it sure helped me.

Next came the funeral arrangements and all of that. I know that everyone goes through this eventually, but it seems like it is all unique when it happens to your family. That part is over, and now we are starting to deal with the estate, such as it is. Mom didn't have much, but I can't seem to get up the gumption to go through her stuff and decide what to do with it. I have to do this, though.... it just isn't going to go away.

Life goes on, however, and the support and caring of Betty, Hun, the Heifer and numerous friends and relatives makes me realize (once again) just how precious these people are. In a way, you feel alone because that relationship between a son and mother is a distinct relationship. On the other hand, the expressions of sympathy and concern make you feel very connected and very loved; and that you don't have to bear this alone.

Good bye, Mom... I love you and will miss you.

To everyone else, thanks for your thoughts.

To the Heifer and Betty; thanks for being there ... I love you so much.


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Cowgirl Betty said...

I miss her to . . . by the way . . . I memed you. Check out my blog and follow the instructions.


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