Saturday, February 2, 2008

Resolution Addendum

In reading this mornin's paper, I was reminded of another popular word that I resolve not to use. Are ya ready... that word (or non-word) is "visioning". I have been to several "visioning sessions" and I think that a more appropriate label for these gatherings is either "propaganda" or "cum bai ya". (How do ya spell cum ba ya anyhow?).

Besides, what is "to vision"? If "visioning" actually has a meaning, then doesn't vision need to be a verb? Oh well, I ain't gonna ponder this no more since I have already resolved not to use the "v word" anymore.

Ride easy,
RK Tex Arado


Cowgirl Betty said...

I haven't been invited to "visioning" sessions myself. I am only told by the thought leaders what is "envisioned" for our office. Like a poor psychic, those "envisions" never seem to materialize!

RK "Tex" said...

Say, if'n there is "thought leaders", does that mean there have to be "thought followers"? And.. how can you tell which is which? Is a "thought follow" just a cowpoke who aint able to "vision". Is there such a thing as "visioning corrective glasses"? Maybe we could get them in a "bias focal" type. I think I need some of those type of glasses. Maybe I could see that 20/20 hindsight everyone keeps talking about.

RK Tex

Cowgirl Betty said...

I haven't had my annual does of "vision correction" lately. As we haven't had any TV, we don't exactly know what's the best view to take . . .

If a tree falls in the forest, and Oprah doesn't have a special on it, does it make a sound?